Prototype management

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“We minimize the time lapse between the Design Documentation reception and the delivery of a tested phisical prototype, ready on the engineer's table”. Gemma Batet, COO

Prototyping is a very important part in the process of designing a product, because some issues become only apparent when you hold your product in your hands. Only with prototypes, design teams can prove that the concept is right before normal Production. Each time a prototype is created, the electronic product will improve, and the operability of the product can be tested.

Besides the above, Prototyping can either be used to sell your product, to target the target market or to be prepared for the device certification test.

To make a prototype for an electronic device, direct support from DigiProces Product Engineering Team will be available for you, because altough it will be to manufacture few parts, the full turnkey electronic manufacturing services will be needed, which include PCB fabrication and assembly at the circuit level, and the electronic enclosure manufacturing and system integration. Our Purchasing team has particular procedures to buy the materials needed, and our supply chain is prepared to support your needs.

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