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The documentation package received at DigiProces will be processed digitally to expedite and simplify the creation of everything needed to begin the production. We will quickly and easily transform CAD and bills of materials (i.e. odb++) into interactive visual work instructions, the process route and logic, the inspection/repair/test/CAPA plans, the automated machine instructions and the operator/tooling/material verification.


From design to shop floor

The digital manufacturing engineering process makes sure that each documentation pack arriving to DigiProces is digitalized to meet our standards and thus have the proper documentation to meet the needs of our manufacturing processes.

Product Engineering, Process Engineering, Quality Assurance engineers and Test Engineering are responsible for the digital manufacturing engineering process, that will enable the shop floor technicians to have always the latest revisions of the machine programs, work instructions and quality checklists, being all of them paperless.

Standard product documentation package

The typical product documentation package that DigiProces expect to receive, should include:

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