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Schematic diagram and PCB design

The electronics design phase within a project is where the project specification translates into a circuit diagram and a PCB layout.  

DigiProces has extensive experience in the electronics design field, with hundreds of analog, digital and mixed signal hardware projects completed over more than 35 years. Our designs range from battery-operated low power devices to industrial motor controllers with power electronics. 

Our daily work is always aimed at Design for Excellence (DFx), including: Design for EMC, Design for Manufacturing (DFM), Design for Assembly (DFA) and Design for Testing (DFT). The communication between the electronics design team and the product and process engineering teams, that are in close contact with the factory, is a key distinction of our operations as a design engineering team.

DigiProces will quicky deploy an effective electronics design team that will coordinate with your engineers to allow the development of a top electronics design thanks to a transparent process that will result in the best solution possible.

Our designs will be thought with the factory in mind, because the main advantage when partering with us is that we can support all the product life cycle, from a design concept to the first prototypes, the certification and finally the production ramp up and after sales services.

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