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We manage to mitigate risks, boost resilience and promote the agility of the sourcing of raw materials

The availability of parts to guarantee the supply of product to our customers is key in today’s electronics market. To make sure we set up a safe and durable supply chain for your Products, our Purchase Department will work close together with our Product Engineering team, to define the best strategy for every line of your Bill Of Materials. Transparency between the Product owner and our Product Engineering team will be a golden rule to secure a robust strategy.

DigiProces Purchase Department has set up, through the years, a complete supply chain control system for the sourcing of your components. In order to produce the best PCB assembly products for our partners, long-term cooperation with the world's most important component distributors are established, who can provide us with the best quality components at the most favorable price. With buying power from a full portfolio of projects, we can drive down costs and ensure consistency.

For an effective global supply chain:


Purchasing directly from the manufacturer seems to be a reliable way of reducing the risk to a minim...



Component obsolescence is an inevitable part of the manufacturing lifecycle. Many EMS firms provide ...


Materials compliance

DigiProces will work to help you resolve issues in your supply chain or to find suitable alternative...


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