Redesign of a hand dryer to integrate brushless motor technologies

Leading company in the manufacturing of hand dryers and bathroom accessories
February 2020
24 months


Building the hand dryer
contractors are looking for

A leading company in the hand dryer sector wanted to incorporate the brushless motor technology into one of their sensor-operated products. This kind of motors allow to increase efficiency and lifespan of the product, so it is ideal for an intensive use. In this particular case, it also offers a higher working speed with an air output able to dry your hands in a few seconds.

Brushless motors are maintenance free, a key advantage for major contractors when deciding which device will be installed in big infrastructures like airports, train stations or shopping centers.

Having into account the successful background of DigiProces on the development of power electronics, we were the company selected to redesign this hand dryer incorporating the brushless engine technology for our customer.

The hand dryer needed to integrate innovative technology, but still being a competitive product on the market, so the new design had to be conceived to be rewarding cost-wise.

But redesign of the product also meant a new formal certification had to be obtained to guarantee quality and safety standards internationally. CE certification was certainly a challenge, as this product had an inverter placed in a very reduced space, entailing a high complexity project.

The Challenge

Updating an existing product with new technologies in a
cost-effective way


Know-how smartly applied
to the customer requirements

The redesign was based on engineering the new electronics in a way that the air flow generated by the hand dryer itself was used as a refrigerator of the power module. This innovation allowed us to reduce costs on the mechanics of dissipation and thus lowering costs on the overall price to fit in the market expectations.

Besides this product evolution, we managed to achieve the CE certification in record time. The EMC laboratory located at our premises allowed us to perform the essays required in a quicker and more flexible way, so we could speed up the launch to the market enormously.

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