Simplifying electronics
for a more robust and reliable AGV

International company in industrial robotics
December 2022
6 Months


Upgrading the factory robots system by making its internal assembly easier

One of our customers is an international manufacturer of automated guided vehicles (AGV), robots that follow a predetermined route transporting different types of goods and that are used in all types of industries.

Until quite recently, the inside of these automata was a set of wires requiring considerable working hours to be assembled. The origin of this system is in the PLC type controllers, which applied automation engineering to control factory equipment. But now electronics allow this entire structure to be simplified and our customer wanted an evolution of their robots to facilitate their production.

Our work in the redesign of this electronics for AGV robots consisted of developing the communications module, which integrates systems such as Bluetooth, WiFi, RS232, CAN Bus… and controlling digital functions like the LED lighting, having practically everything that an electronic board can contain. The goal was to centralize all the communications between robots and also those interacting with the user.

The requirements to be solved were the following:

  • Simplify the internal assembly of the robot
  • Find alternatives to microprocessor availability problems
  • Reduce the space occupied by the controller system inside the AGV
  • Make manufacturing more cost-effective

The Challenge

How to ensure a quick redesign in case of component shortage


Implementation of a custom-made SOM to avoid extra costs

The Technology Center redesigned the electronics to obtain a robust, reliable and efficient product. The initial microcontrollers were very basic and we added a high-end vision. Given the global shortage of components, we consider the implementation of a SOM (System On a Module) as the best solution to avoid costly redesigns in case of having to look for alternative materials. If a microcontroller has to be replaced, the entire board will need to be changed, but with our proposal, only the SOM will need the update.

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