Box Build Assembly

The complete product assembly

An EMS company offering “Box Build” services is able to build the customer’s final product. The Box Build process goes beyond the production of printed circuit boards (PCBs), extending to an assembly process that includes enclosure sourcing or fabrication, mechanical parts, installation and routing cables or wire harnesses, and integration of sub-assemblies and components.

This type of assembly is reasonable because handling PCBAs manually require a high level of accuracy and reliability, and thus it is better to make the assembly of the final product in the same environment where the PCBA was born.

DigiProces possess the expertise, infrastructure and supply chain networks to efficiently manage the complexities of box build assembly across various industries (consumer electronics, healthcare, IoT, industrial, EV…). We are proficient in creating flexible cells or dedicated lines and resources that streamline the entire box build production process.
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Outsourcing a box build assembly offers several significant advantages for companies looking to enhance their operations and optimize their product development process:

Stick to an EMS that can be dedicated to your project from start to finish. Find a box build electronics manufacturer and keep it all in one place.

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An EMS that stands out in the box build assembly process will need to prove proficiency in the following matters:

The electronics industry is under increasing pressure to address environmental concerns, and Box Build Assembly is not exempt from this challenge. The EMS will need to focus on energy-efficient processes and recycling initiatives to reduce the environmental impact of the manufacturing process.

Supply chain

Several sub-assemblies will go into your finished product. It means that challenges in sourcing components for the assembly process of the product will appear. Manufacturers will need to navigate issues such as component shortages, geopolitical factors and disruptions, highlighting the importance of resilient supply chain management strategies.

Robust testing strategy

Testing is a key part of product reliability and assures that your product will withstand daily use. Your box build assembly should include comprehensive testing and inspection to identify potential issues and deviations (FACTS).

Packaging and labeling

Proper packaging and labeling is yet another major step in box build assembly, including everything from the conveniently sized box, foam or other inserts, up to terminology, symbol and logo usage, and of course barcoding.

Final inspection

Before shipping, a final inspection is conducted to verify that the product aligns with specifications and customer requirements.

Aftermarket services – Repair

Ensuring products can be serviced, maintained and replaced in local facilities rather than being flown around the world will be a major plus in this age of higher sustainability.

Incoming Quality inspections

Mechanical parts and enclosures will sometimes require unique dimensions or special spacing, routing or mounting. They could potentially not only provide protection against external elements but also contribute to the overall aesthetics of the final product, meaning that quality control is a key step within the box build process.

Assembly process

We design dedicated lean lines to provide a bespoke manufacturing environment for highly configurable and complex box build products. These lines are based on 2 to 6 process steps and fast changeover concepts that are able to deliver a responsive solution when demand is dynamic, but lead-times are short.

Skilled technicians that are recurrently trained to excel within the production cell tasks are assembling the components into the enclosure following precise work instructions. Maintaining this expertise can be a challenge for manufacturers.

Control over the manufacturing process

Tracking the process thanks to digital work instructions, real-time monitoring and data analytics throughout the box build assembly process is essential to improve the productivity of the cell, as well as for potential quality issues. Each product manufactured needs to match the documentation package and the production parameters used. This documentation helps in troubleshooting and future improvements.

Outbound Logistics

The EMS is able to deliver finished products directly to end users all around the globe.

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Entrusting the assembly process to DigiProces will free up your valuable internal resources. It will also allow you to profit from our knowledge and capabilities. The potential for using an existing reliable network, our cost-efficiency and the reduction of logistical tasks underscore the advantages that outsourcing the box build can offer.

Box build assembly operations at DigiProces have grown out of the need to provide our customers with a complete EMS solution. We are dedicated to developing customized box build processes which are unique to the each customer’s objectives, using lean manufacturing techniques in all operations to come out with high quality electronic box assemblies at a reasonable cost.

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