A reliable technology to create strong mechanical bonds

Through-hole mounting and soldering is a very well established process: it is extremely reliable to create strong mechanical bonds. Depending on the volume of THT components or the process which the assembly must go through, we can decide to use automated selective soldering or wave soldering.

When it comes to THT components soldering by volume, the most effective method is wave soldering technology. Our automated THT insertion lines are equipped with state-of-the-art full tunnel wave soldering systems in a nitrogen atmosphere that guarantees world-class quality at the best cost.

With the growing complexity of PCB assemblies, they are increasingly being designed with surface mount components on both sides of the printed circuit board. This can make automating the soldering of the through-hole components a challenge.

Selective soldering machines provide a way of automating the soldering process of assemblies that otherwise would have to be hand soldered. This automation takes much of the variation away leading to a more controlled, repeatable and consistent process generally with a high throughput. 

To satisfy all demands regarding flexibility, DigiProces selective soldering systems are based on modular platforms inserted into automatic lines. Thanks to this layout we can manufacture several products at the same time with a high yield.

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