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The key for a smooth move from design to manufacturing

The NPI process requires a considerable investment of time and resources to ensure that the end result is worth the effort. To reach this goal, DigiProces will assign a Project Manager who will carefully create a realistic planning to follow each and every step of the process. 

It all starts with a documentation package arriving from a design team to the EMS engineering department where the DME process will start. During this phase, the production feasibility analysis will be performed, having into account the date, target price, needed certifications and the machinery in the shop floor among other parameters. A DFM analysis of the design will be don, in order to prevent potential problems in the shop floor. The digital work instructions will be prepared and the machine programs will be made ready for the production. 

The key person during the NPI stage will be the engineer that will be driving the progress. This person will make sure the communication and information exchange between departments is effective and will be the unique voice inside our organization for our customers.

Once the product is launched to production, lots of little details will need to be polished and those will be affecting either the design team, the process team, the quality assurance team or the test engineering team.

Thanks to the project manager all the communication needed between departments will be secured, effective and an effective progess will be guaranteed.


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